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Rolled Roofing Installed On Shop Ceiling

…cleaning the floor/ceiling of our weaving workshop, then applying roofing underlayment, and finally laying down rolled roofing (in white, which is all they had, but was great because it gives a bit more light up above)…I now need to seal the cracks with some heated asphalt sealant…tomorrow?…and then pour on the sand so that these sealed cracks will not stick to the weaving items and other things we will store up there…


Weaving Shop – Con’t.

Weaving involves integrating many aspects of care: yourself, others, tools, and ideas. Today I planed rough lumber for the weaving shop. Siding. There’s more to just throwing a switch on any tool…weaving loom or other. Every day the blades need to be correctly sharpened. We do that ourselves here. And you have to know your machine well enough as well as the composition of the wood to plane well…

A week ago I bDSC00015rought power into the shop as well. During down time in the field now we are again up and running ahead on finishing this project.  Installing outlets and wiring is next.




Shop Roof / Decking

I had hoped to build an unattached stairway to be mounted to the wall once it was sheathed.  But I am without enough 2 x 6’s so that will have to wait until I can get some cut.  It takes a long time to plane one side adequately, then to trim one end, flip and cut it to length, slide it upstairs and then to fasten it down, staggering the butt joints, since these lengths are only 16′ and the span is 20′.  Ten feet of deck was put up between today and yesterday…more today as we got a rhythm going.  We are about one quarter done.  This will provide a substantial-sized storage area.


Weaving Shop Progress

Hauling 2 x 6 x 16 lumber inside our quonset shed today, we trimmed the ends and nailed them into place as rafters on the shop for the weaving loom.  We left a great deal of overhang as the centre of area of the shop requires a 14′ span.  The overlap from the two areas to either side will be laminated onto the rafters of this centre part to add a great deal of both strength and stability.  Another good day on the farm…