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Water Power

A good friend sent me a photo.  It arrived yesterday.  It is a working power loom located in Upper Canada Village where she visited some time around 2008.  It was really touching that she thought of me.  She is a wonderful weaver.


Water powered, here is the dynamo behind the woolen factory there…


Lighting, Cleaning, Situating


Wiring a couple of fluorescent fixtures, installing them, picking up and cleaning after installing wiring the other day, and placing the loom where it will go took up most of the morning.  A centre support beam needed to be moved to allow for adequate space while loading the sectional warping beam.

Draper Model E Loom

Weaving is an enduring pattern, that given similar geographic, economic, and social circumstances, communities maintain habits of life over immense periods of time.  The technology of these patterns may vary and change.  But the deepest elements of these behaviours are deeply intuitional.

In short, weaving is a community affair.

There is a vast network of weavers and fibre artists active in the world today.  A great part of weaving is meeting others who are friendly to passing on their knowledge and skills.

When looking for a power loom last spring I came into contact with Harley in South Carolina.  With 50 years of experience in industrial power loom weaving he now finds and resells usable, working power looms.

Here are pics and a description of a Draper Model E loom that he now has on the market…

Draper E-Model
36″ wide
Plain weave 2 harness
Set up to weave from creel.
Running loom
Excellent condition
No missing parts
All original
I am sending some preliminary pictures. I will be taking better pictures next week.

People are invaluable resources to learning to operate looms in general, and power looms in particular.  It’s great when folks are willing to pass on this information. This loom is obviously currently set up for rug weaving…


Harley can be contacted at: jabercrom08 at aol dot com