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Tension Box



A home-built tension box came with this loom.  Half inch oak plywood sides are joined by 3/4″ (i.d.) galvanized pipe.  The pipe is secured by driving in the nuts from 1/2″ bolts into the ends of the pipe and then secured to the plywood from the outside with 1/2″ bolts and washers (1/2″ nuts have a diametre slightly larger than 3/4″).  There are eight pipes on the top level and two on the lower level and mounts for reeds at either end.  It is well built.  Today I disassembled it and cleaned it, steel wooling the pipe, sanding all wood, and routing a finished edge onto the plywood.  Then I oiled it with linseed oil.  I will give some thought to what sort of legs I want on it.  I am very pleased with this result…




Spooling Rack

This loom has a sectional warping beam.  A spooling rack and tension box – both custom-built – came as accessories.  Unloading, cleaning, assembling, and modifying the spooling rack took all day yesterday.  The frame is built from gold coloured galvanized channel steel material manufactured by TNB – Superstrut (#A-1200-HS).

Assembled at point of purchase…


…cleaned and partially reassembled here…