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Heddle Preservation

DSC00001 With so few heddles available for this loom it is important to preserve the ones that I have.  There are, of course, many possibilities if I were to somehow run out which would include fabricating new ones, but the best possibility would be to cannibalize together parts from the old ones and braise them into new workable ones.  Nevertheless, I had some PVC storage-pipes left over from another project, but they were a bit short (white pipe).  All it took was a piece of splice to lengthen them an inch in order to make them long enough for the heddles.  Now each group – like new, good, useable, pitted – each has their own oil bath preservation.  Cost?  $2.25 for the splice and $10 for the oil (5w30)…each…a small price to pay…


Inventory (Final) – Heddles

Following the refurbishing of the harnesses the final count on heddles is:

40  – Like New
118 – Good (slight texture but smooth)
51   – Useable (textured but smooth)
173 – Bad (pitted)

382 – Total

Rust occurs because of a combination of factors: exposure to humidity/moisture, exposure to oxygen, elements in the air.  These heddles are not made any more.  In order to protect the remainder that I have I have sealed them in PVC pipes that are filled with new motor oil.


They are labeled appropriately on the outside…