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Leading Up To And Purchasing The Loom

A couple of months ago while working on a hand loom I was suddenly and forceable reminded of three men to whom I was pastor twenty four years ago when I moved my family to eastern Massachusetts.  I had not gone there to serve a church…I had gone there to begin my doctoral program at Boston College in religious epistemology.  Just before our move we had been contacted by a struggling congregation and asked if I would be interested in simultaneously serving them.  Following some discernment I said yes.  Two of the members of that church had been Draper employees, but by the time I arrived they had been retired already for over fifteen years.  While working on a hand weaving project I was reminded of them as I wove and I remembered with fondness standing outside the Draper factory as they told me their stories of having worked there (oral history was one area of my research/training).  Later that day I went on line and looked up Draper and even more came to mind.  Over time I read more and more.  I had no thoughts about purchasing a Draper loom at that time.  Over time I began to feel somewhat haunted by these men…people whom I had not seen in twenty years, but who kept tapping on my shoulder as I wove.  After a couple of months of this I sent off an email asking to speak with Peter Eaton who had restored one of these.  I really had no idea why I wanted to talk.  When I got him on the phone, and finished asking my questions, I was floored when he said that his loom was for sale…that they did not have the time to maintain both their weaving and their leather-making. He said that they were asking $2,500 for everything – control box, loom, quill winder, bobbin winder, tension box, etc..  I talked with my wife.  We decided to buy the machine.

So last week we started 2,200 miles east and purchased this restored and fully functioning Draper Model D power loom on Sunday, March 27, from the Eatons who live outside Lancaster, PA, USA…


We broke it down into the castle and base…



We loaded it on Monday March 28 and started our 2,200 mile trip home at 2 p.m….