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Lenze Controller – Frequency Inverter

Lenze makes the AC Tech SMVector frequency inverter, a variable frequency drive (VFD).  It is a controller that regulates the frequency (hertz (Hz)).  The faster the frequency, the faster the RPM’s of a motor.  If an application does not require a motor to run at full speed, a variable frequency drive (VFD) can be used to ramp down the frequency and voltage, changing the load.

In the case of this loom a lower frequency allows the loom to run at a slower, more regulated speed.





AC Tech (manuals) – http://www.actechdrives.com/PDF/AC-Tech/AC-Tech-SMVector-Drive-User-Manual.pdf

Wiring Shop


…boxes installed…joists drilled…wires run…wires staped…plugs wired…welder plug wired and hung…storage area breakers installed and connected and working(!)…controller screwed into place…to be completed next week…