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Drilling Shop Footing


Yesterday I paid for re-bar for a 20′ x 40′ concrete pad which will be the shop that houses our Draper Model D power loom.  Last night a friend delivered it.

Today we finished cleaning out this area.  Then I excavated down to the bottom of the footing.  The concrete floor will sit 5″ below the top of the shed’s footing.  I drilled a series of holes, 18″ apart along the footing, 10″ down.  Although the new pad will be 5″ thick, I set the re-bar half way down the depth of this pad’s footing which will be 10″.  Setting re-bar too high allows for the concrete to break out along the top should the pad decides to shift.

A hammer drill is used to drill the anchor holes for the re-bar.  Other than having to push on the drill in order to activate its hammering, it pretty much works all on its own.


The next step is to start excavating the dirt in the shed in preparation for sand and gravel to bring the sub floor back up the correct grade.