Weaving Shop








Yesterday a neighbour arrived with his loader.  We attached four heavy straps to the lower corners of the end castings, tightened these equally until the loom was just about to lift off the deck, and hoisted it into the air.  We set it on the cement pad I poured a month ago.  This Draper Model D loom is now in its new home…


Heat Installed

It has been ten days since our pour and the cement is curing nicely.  A 115,000 BTU diesel heater is running to keep the pad from freezing.  I keep it set at 5C overnight and try to bring it up to 10C during the day, which on windy days is a challenge since the roof’s exhaust turbine works overtime when that happens.  The highest outdoor temperature since the pour has been 10C with most days around a high of 5C.  All week I have worked off and on to build a header for the shop’s heat.  One coil of KiTec pipe was installed in the cement and runs around the perimeter of the footing.  The other coils will serve as above-ground heat sources.  The water heater is a 1500W, 115V, 10 gallon model.  We will see how it does.  It can always be replaced with a 230V, 40 gallon model if it proves insufficient or costly.  For now I have 115V accessible in the new shop area.  Once the new breaker box is installed, then I will have enough power to install a bigger tank if it is required.


Pouring Cement Power Loom Slab

Today I was up and working at 5 a.m. making the final preparations for pouring our power loom slab.  The sun came up to -5 C outside…-3 C inside the shed.  My friends arrived at 8 a.m. and the first truck came at 8:30 a.m..  Three trucks hauling 5 1/2 yards apiece ran short by a yard of material.  It was my miscalculation.  We had to order one more truck with two yards of material…one yard for another project on our farm.

Here’s our progress as of the second truck while we awaited the arrival of the third…


Floating the first pour (a sump is shown so that we can wash down the shop, collect it there, and pump it out)…


…and the finished job…


At 4 p.m. there was still frost on the grass on the north side of our shed…


A 115,000 BTU heater raised the shed temperature from 3 C to 20 C in the last hour.  Now comes the cure as I await the cement to set enough for me to use a power trowel…

I’m pretty happy and not a little relieved that this is done.  The temperatures are supposed to be cool, but not much below freezing at night for the next week.