Industrialized Textile Production In Canada

The Primary Textile Industry in Canada: History and Heritage – A.B. McCullough

Since the mid-nineteenth century the textile industry has played an important role in the labour, business, economic, and architectural history of Central and Eastern Canada. It was among the first Canadian businesses to employ large numbers of women and youths in a factory setting. The industry provided a training ground for many Canadian businessmen who learned both the opportunities and the hazards of investment in manufacturing. It also provided many often-contradictory lessons for businessmen, economists, politicians, and labour leaders who opposed or supported government fostering of industrial development through tariff protection, subsidies, and legislation. And in many communities the mills themselves, massive and enduring, helped to define the community in the same way that churches and public buildings did. This study examines the major themes in the industry’s history and discusses some of the surviving mills. Illustrations. Tables.


 …and a good lecture on the economic history of the British textile industry

Shop Roof / Decking

I had hoped to build an unattached stairway to be mounted to the wall once it was sheathed.  But I am without enough 2 x 6’s so that will have to wait until I can get some cut.  It takes a long time to plane one side adequately, then to trim one end, flip and cut it to length, slide it upstairs and then to fasten it down, staggering the butt joints, since these lengths are only 16′ and the span is 20′.  Ten feet of deck was put up between today and yesterday…more today as we got a rhythm going.  We are about one quarter done.  This will provide a substantial-sized storage area.


Weaving Shop Progress

Hauling 2 x 6 x 16 lumber inside our quonset shed today, we trimmed the ends and nailed them into place as rafters on the shop for the weaving loom.  We left a great deal of overhang as the centre of area of the shop requires a 14′ span.  The overlap from the two areas to either side will be laminated onto the rafters of this centre part to add a great deal of both strength and stability.  Another good day on the farm…