Heat Installed

It has been ten days since our pour and the cement is curing nicely.  A 115,000 BTU diesel heater is running to keep the pad from freezing.  I keep it set at 5C overnight and try to bring it up to 10C during the day, which on windy days is a challenge since the roof’s exhaust turbine works overtime when that happens.  The highest outdoor temperature since the pour has been 10C with most days around a high of 5C.  All week I have worked off and on to build a header for the shop’s heat.  One coil of KiTec pipe was installed in the cement and runs around the perimeter of the footing.  The other coils will serve as above-ground heat sources.  The water heater is a 1500W, 115V, 10 gallon model.  We will see how it does.  It can always be replaced with a 230V, 40 gallon model if it proves insufficient or costly.  For now I have 115V accessible in the new shop area.  Once the new breaker box is installed, then I will have enough power to install a bigger tank if it is required.