Swift (Reconditioning)

I spent most of the day yesterday refurbishing this swift…


Both its wood and metal needed a thorough cleaning…


Disassembled it was curious to find that the centre spool is spring loaded…


Caked grease was easy to remove from the metal parts; I used 600 grit emory cloth to remove the worst rust followed with steel wool.  Wood was cleaned with a solvent.  I was surprised to find this much greasy dirt on the parts in contact with the fibre, but now think it to be normal if it was ever used over decades with home-cleaned wool that may have retained more of its lanolin…

I lightly used a wire brush on an angle grinder to clean the base.  I re-greased the internal parts and linseed oiled the wood.  How functional and beautiful!




…it’s really a nice machine…


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